Senior Dog Project
Aging Signs plus
Sick Dogs Are Specialty,
Healthy Dogs Our Mission
Thanks Bonnie
THEM A BATH and save!!
The Pampered Pooch
& Pals
2136 Doulbleday Ave
RT. 50
Ballston Spa , NY
(518) 363-0396
A Food, perhaps to consider
I am looking into this!
K-9 Liquid Health
Condroitin and MSM.  
Keeps joints lubed to
prevent arthritis and
pain.  Great for Hip
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Visit Winston, a friend of
the family's
Traveling with your dog?
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and restaurant Ideas.
Splints For Pets
I said , "Hit The Snooze"
Bully on Holiday Duty
Waiting for the
Mail man,
UPS and especially the
FedEx Guy!
He can distinguish
between the sounds of
the trucks, and knows
within a few minutes of
arrival that they are
coming. He even has
different barks for the
different carriers. It is of
utmost importance to him
to make certain I am
aware of their presence.  
He has an excellent work
ethic and takes this job
very seriously.
Chris Johnson-The only  person known
to man that can tire Bully  out.
My Shotgun-Riding Bully.  This is how we drive
every morning, afternoon and evening  to our
walk. Bully's choice of seating is, of course, the
front seat, but being too big, his next choice is
to prop himself in the back seat, and lean over
into the front, and ride shot gun style  with me.   
He seems to need to see where we are going.  
The Old Buick is the only vehicle we have that
offers him this great seating.
This is where you will
find Bully every morning
at about 10:30.  The sun
slants through the blinds
at that time, and seems
to offer him a warm and
peaceful spot to relax.
His Daily afternoon nap..what a cuddle poo!
I don't care what "they" say.....Bully is definitely smiling here.    
The hood was a joke, but the rest is how  Bully
dresses for his walks on below zero days.
What is he thinking here?  
My Guess?  Dang it, Woman, put the camera away and let's go for another Run!!!
Don't take it yet...Just two more bites, please?
A nap in a shaft of late winter sunlight.
I just can't seem to get a good nights sleep lately.  I wonder why?
Sir Bullreguard Howard of Churchill
Doesn't Bully have a Big Head?
The Bully Patrol
Bully is beginning to sit like a human
Come  in and Sniff Around
Bullreguard's Web Page
Little Faith
Homeland Security has just become aware of a security breach at the outer
perimeter. Possible Mailman!
People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals
click image to see video of bully
The Many Muzzles of Bully
Hated It!
Bully 4/2011
Use to be A place for run by Bonnie
Bassis of Eggremont, MA
A wonderful place to
buy all of your pet
needs.  Less
expensive and they
deliver for free any
sale over $49.00
Great for paws in  the winter or
any time paws pads are dry or
cracked. Protects against salt.