Our Father, F. Roger
Jack of all trades
Master of some
His greatest enjoyment
was work well done
Life cut him short
Before he was through
I guess up in heaven
There's Work to do
Look at his hands Lord
Before Judgement is
They're worn with callous
From work ever done
By Wife Luella
Daddy's Home!
Daddy's Girl
Cool Hand
Woof-N-Poof, as we all very well know, is a
homemade Christmas gift.  How "nice" that
Harvard borrowed this name from our father
to use for it's newspaper.
Thanks for the info, Tony the Trivia Master :-)
Elwood Cornish's Wife, Delores with Dad
(From when
Linda was
learning to play
the piano.)
Barney Olmsfield
Bringing the tree
home after he
shot it.
What I would give to taste these
again.  No strawberry today, has
that same sweet flavor as Dad's.
August 1951
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origins of Taps
5/5/2000  Was the day of
the Grand Planetary
 This alignment  
they claimed would  cause
earthquakes, floods and in
some cases split the planet
in two like a cleaver through
a head of lettuce. Many of
experts and amatures alike
looked forward to this day
with great anticipation.   
Alignments cause gravity,
magnetic fields and tidal
forces to magnify.  Within
the hour after the great
alignment, my father passed
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Translation:5th Of May
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about another happening in
history on the 5th of May.
Dad would always say,
"Une Momento Por favor"
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see the
lake at it's
lowest level
My father admitted to me that he had been a Jerk in his life.
Then laughingly he would add, "Soda Jerk that is"
He worked at Wittig's as a Soda Jerk when he was a teen.
I miss these Guys!
Garth C. Oaksford
Richard Oaksford
F. Roger Oaksford
Thanksgiving 1999
My house on Church Street
Dad was so interested in the period of
Revolutionary War.  During the final weeks of his
life, he was reading a book called,
"The Boys of 76"
He wrote on the inside cover,
Please keep this Book. Read it.  It tells a
great deal about the pain and death it took
to form  our country into a starting Nation"  
Dad  (Oaky)  
This book sat next to him in the living room, the
whole month of April 2000.  After he died I sat
down to look at the book that he felt he needed
to read before he died.  This is when I found the
inscription.  Anyone interested in reading it, let
me know.  
Anyway, he would have liked this article too.
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His 1978 Powder Wagon
"Weather or Not"
Dad had handed me a newspaper article in
1998 which was about Ancestry.com and
said he wish that someone could look up his
family.  Well, 12 years later I finally got around
to it.  I wish I had done it sooner for him.
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What ever happened to the men that
signed the
Declaration of Independents
When the American flag  is folded at a memorial service, each fold is
said to represent a virtue: Liberty,  Unity,  Justice,  Perseveranc,e  
Hardiness,  Valor,  Purit, y Innocence,   Sacrifice,  Honor,  Independence
and Truth.
Dad's Milk Fed Pumpkin,
Big Jack.