"Understanding Our Past,
Living Today, Creating Our
Happy Family
"The 411"
w/Patty Jackson
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The Request to have a Web page set up for the educational purposes
of Black History as well as entertainment came from Marilyn Mckenzie.
I thank you, Marilyn.  Great Idea!
Here you will find some great links to many wonderful websites
featuring African American History and entertainment.  This will be an
on going project, so please check back from time to time to see the
new additions.
A wealth of Information-
A must See
Find your Ancestors
Good Records
African Art Experience
Underground Railroad
African American History
Brief AME Zion History
Black Inventors A-Z
Origins of Black History
History of Jim
Crow era
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This is  Jinaria- Scottie's Great
Niece.  Here she is  in her Easter
Best 2005
Click on picture to learn
about The U.S. Postal
Service honored aviator
Bessie Coleman on a 1995
commemorative stamp.  click
picture above for full story
featured on the Department
of Defense website.  
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learn about
Frederick Douglas
Article 1
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A Biographical Sketch
W.E.B. DuBois
By Gerald C. Hynes
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This is the first of what will be
many articles on the "Black
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Booker T. Washington
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Article on George Washington Carver

"He could have added fortune to fame,
but caring for neither, he found
happiness and honor in being helpful
to the world." - Epitaph on the grave of
George Washington Carver.
Quotes From
George Washington Carver

  • Take care of the waste on the
    farm and turn it into useful
    channels' should be the
    slogan of every farmer.

  • The primary idea in all of my
    work was to help the farmer
    and fill the poor man's empty
    dinner pail.. My idea is to help
    the 'man farthest down', this is
    why I have made every
    process just as simply as I
    could to put it within his reach.

  • How far you go in life
    depends on your being tender
    with the young,
    compassionate with the
    aged, sympathetic with the
    striving, and tolerant of the
    weak and the strong.
    Because someday in life you
    will have been all of these.

  • There is no short cut to
    achievement. Life requires
    thorough preparation --
    veneer isn't worth anything.

  • Learn to do common things
    uncommonly well; we must
    always keep in mind that
    anything that helps fill the
    dinner pail is valuable.

  • It is not the style of clothes
    one wears, neither the kind of
    automobile one drives, nor
    the amount of money one has
    in the bank, that counts.
    These mean nothing. It is
    simply service that measures

  • Look about you. Take hold of
    the things that are here. Let
    them talk to you. You learn to
    talk to them.
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Info On Malcom X
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Info on Martin
Luther King Jr.
Carter G. Woodson
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The Savoy
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Opened March 1926
Dorothy Height
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Click here to see the African American
Registry.  The largest Afro American
History website in the world.
"This day in African American History"

History Of Soul Food
Links to Great
Soul Food  Recipes
Click on Picture above to read about Ed Bradley
who died, November 9th, 2006
All about Kwanzaa
A wonderful Memorial
to Gerald Levert