Matty Oaksford-John King's daughter
Daughter of John King Oaksford
She was the first graduate of Nathan Littaeur
John King Oaksford
with second wife  Sarah Bollen who was his brother,  
William's wife.  John married her after William's death as
was the custom in those days.
John King Oaksford
John Oaksford - John King's son
Son Of John King Oaksford
Came to America from England in 1880
William Oaksford - John King's son
Son of John King Oaksford
Another Brother
With First  Wife Hannah Smith in England
John King Oaksford
On the back of this picture of John King
with his first wife, it had a stamp which said:
W. Wingfield
33 Sidbury
which is the capital of Worcestershire
Picture taken in Gloversville
Could this be John King's or Hannah's
mother or even Grandmother if the top
two are indeed his parents. This photo
was taken in the same place, same
baby, with the same stamp on the back
I researched W.
Photographer  on the
internet at that same
and found other
families photo's
using the same
The photo's
were always
labeled 1880 or
1881.  Perhaps
these pictures
were taken
before our
family left
England in
This was on the back of both of these
pictures above.  They are also taken in
the same room.  Mom thought the man
was John King's father, so I am
assuming the women would be John
King's mother possibly
Oaksford Ancestry

In the Parish Church
of St. John the
Baptist, Yeovil,
Somerset, England in
1832,  William
Oaksford married a
Elizabeth King on
August 26th.  Could
this photo be
William is my Great,
Great Grandfather.
He was born 1809 in
a town called Seaport
England where is
father, Obadiah
Oaksford,  born in
1782, was in the
Mililita. They lived in
Yeovil Somerset
England and had 9
Elizabeth 1832,
William 1834  who  
emigrated, Henry
1838, John King 1840
who emigrated, Mary
Ann 1847, Robert
1846, Mary Jane
1848, Maria 1850 -
1852 & Charles 1852
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This page was created March 29, 2010 I will be adding to it regularly as I have a
great deal of pictures from a very old family album.  If any one has any
information concerning the
Oaksford Ancestry, please email me.  I would love to
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Wendy Oaksford Howard daughter of
Roger Oaksford,
who was son of
Fred Albert Oaksford of Gloversville,  who was son of Albert
,  who was son of John King Oaksford of England who came to
Gloversville in 1880 and was son of
William Oaksford of England
Sarah Jane Oaksford -daughter of
John King AKA Jennie
Sarah Jane (Jenny) Oaksford
Another Sister - Possibly Ellen
John King's daughter.
William Oaksford
Possibly Elizabeth King
John King and Hannah Smith's children
Sitting Left to Right:
Frank Oaksford, Mattie Oaksford, William Oaksford, Sarah  Jane (Jennie) Oaksford
Standing Left to Right:
Annie Oaksford, Albert H. Oaksford, Ellen (Nellie) Oaskford, and Reverand John Oaksford
This picture graces the wall of my sister's Hallway  "Nellie Oaksford" is
written on back of the portrait. Nellie's name was Ellen.
Sarah Jane, (Jennie)  was the first
graduate of Nathan Littauer.