Just to give you a general idea of how the shrubs looked.  The shrubs were so thick, you could not even put your arm
through. Once he started to trim he found a great deal of  dead areas where the sun could not reach and that had to be
removed.    Also, the shrubs were so over grown their branches were not only long they were extremely thick and hard to
cut and therefore shape properly.   

We found that two animals  had burrowed a hole and had been living there.  Red took care of that and filled the holes in.
There were four dead trees intermingled in the shrubs once he was able to get room to look.  He removed those. He also
removed a handful of maple trees that had started to take hold.

We  found a pocket book that had been half buried under one of the shrubs.  It turns out it belonged to your neighbors,
the Constatines.   It had been stolen two months ago.  The Police said  the robbers probably thought your house was
abandoned with the way it looked and that it would be a good place to stash the purse.  They took all her money though.  

Your neighbors were so happy at the end of the day with how the shrubs looked.  So many commented on it.  The old
ladies and Milly Healy next door, and your handsome fellow on the other side especially. I explained that the man had not
shaped it yet, be he said he thought it looked great with all the "mass" removed.   Some one came out of the judge's house
and started clapping with a smile on her face. ha.

He was there working all day and has taken two truck loads so far to the dump.  He has removed the "mass" as your
neighbor called it) and will need to shape everything now. He said he was coming back first thing early in the morning.   

He said after the first frost, all of these should be cut down to where they were three years ago.  He said you can see the
line where they were at that time.  He said new growth will fill everything in come spring.  

I will put the after pictures on when he is done.  
You had a lot of these weed tress around the
house, all near your foundation.  I think he
removed all of them.  I had to leave around 7:00.  
He was still working. I will check tomorrow.
These bushes were into the neighbors
driveway.  Your older lady on the other
side was mentioning how she would
like the driveway done also.  I did not
say a word. Red said if he had time he
would tidy them up.
Both neighbors commented that the Doctor is very weird.  He has
never been seen without a surgical mask on.  He talks to everyone
with a surgical mask on, too.  I get the idea he is not well liked. I
was there until 7:00 and no one was home all day nor before I left.
Both neighbors wish you would come back.