Paul Dateh
Paul Dateh began studying classical violin at the age of four. However, on his first
day at The University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music,
suddenly dropped his major in Violin Performance and enrolled in the Jazz Studies
program instead. The move shocked his colleagues as it was hard to understand why
anyone would walk away from fourteen years of classical training to begin learning an
entirely new musical discipline. Today, as a singer, an award-winning songwriter, and
an instrumentalist, his work can be heard on releases by various artists within both
mainstream and underground hip hop circles, and he can currently be seen
performing throughout the United States with his band “The Live Movement”.
The four major instruments in the string family,
the violin, the viola, the cello and the double
bass, are built the same way. The instruments
are made of many pieces of wood which are
glued - never nailed - together. The body of the
instrument is hollow, thus becoming a resonating
box for the sound. Four strings (sometimes five
on the double-bass) made of animal gut, nylon,
or steel are wrapped around pegs at one end of
the instrument and attached to a tailpiece at the
other. They are stretched tightly across a bridge
to produce their assigned pitches.

The violin is the soprano voice in the string
family. It is held under the chin, resting on the
shoulder. The violin has a lovely tone that can
be soft and expressive or exciting and brilliant.
Andre Rieu & Akim Camara (aged 5) in New York 2007