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Items For Sale
5 Brand New Timberland Huskies
Santa used this sled to arrived via
Huskies at
schools to visit the children
For Christmas
Children loved to be able to take a husky
ride in the summer on this neat cart.
The bikes are such great exercise for
you and your dog.  Also, wonderful to
arrive at your events to give rides.
These two bikes are for sale
Nothing better than a sled ride
Dawson and Harmony
We are looking to sell some of our Snow Dog
Items. All are in good condition as described.  
These have all been of great value to our
rescue for training purposes, fun husky rides
for the folks, and excellent displays.  We also
have some Iditarod treasures as well.  

We are so very sad to say we are closing.  
We wish to send these wonderful items on for
others to use in the quest of rescuing, training
and enjoying this wonderful breed.

          Please click here to contact us:
Cart to train huskies in the summer