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Tundra Spirits

Siberian Husky
Santa and our Snowdogs at Orvis,  Lake George 12/20/14
The Tundra Pack was successful in keeping the youngsters waiting in line to
see Santa occupied.  In fact, the Tundra humans and Sibes had a chance to
share their Christmas list with him as well.  We know that most of the Tundra
Pack asked Santa to find homes for the companion animals waiting in shelters
and rescues around the world.  We believe that Spirit asked for some of his
cookies for herself,  Smokey wanted some relief from Spirit and Tiko pestering
him, and Zoey asked for and received an Orvis dog bed! (Being a good husky
really does pay off!)  

The customers and staff thoroughly enjoyed the Pack's company and their
good canine manners.  Smokey charmed the youngsters.  Both Zoey and Zoe
made the adults smile, and the Tundra humans answered many questions
about their canine friends' history and breed characteristics.

Our sincere thanks to the Orvis Company for inviting us to share the day with
them.  It was a privilege to spend the day at their Lake George store.
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