Basement Cleanout for
George Regan
209 S. Williams Street
Johnstown, NY 12010
Some of the Befores:
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Some of the Afters:
The Dishwasher parts are
not serviceable, but we
did clean them and were
able to get all mold and
dirt off of these pieces.
The Racks of the Dishwasher were
covered in mold, dirt, and rust and
smelled badly.  We scrubbed as much
off as would come.  We then washed
them in bleach once again, sprayed
them with more bleach and put them
loosely in a plastic bag. The
dishwasher had deep standing water
that smelled foul.
We cleaned the areas
behind Washer and
Dryer, mopped and
cleaned both appliances
as well.
All Spider Webs are gone, window casings swept out well, all floors were swept, swept again, and then again, vacuumed and mopped.
Dishwasher was cleaned and bleached
Stairways were cleaned and mopped as well
All Doorways cleared of dirt and