Powder Establishing
ground rules
Both Bully and Powder
Worn out after their first
today together
Powder's Page
I am easily satisfied with the very best
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Powder Bark

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to see Powder
Pet Resource
Qt. Pawz Poodles- Now Timbly's
Service Dogs
Use to have Good Information on
clipping poodles and other.  I have
emailed this woman and she has been
so good to answer me back with
answers to my questions.
Her Email Address is:
First Day
at our house
Powder before living here
and after July 22, 2005
then July 22, 2007 to the day
Great Info about  Poodles
Powder was my Little
great dog.  A female
alpha dog. She was
not afraid of anything,
and yet such a peace
maker.  All dogs liked
her.  She was so well
behaved you could
take Powder
everywhere.   I miss
her. She was
amazing.  She died
October 25th, 2012