Mr. Howard's House Day 1
This is very
There is some leaks.  This is
on the wall over by the
washing machine. It looks at
though it could be soaking in
from outside.
Here is how some of the lower rooms looks so far.
I cleaned out the area where the washer and dryer
were and this is where I have put about half the
bags we packed up.  We are running out of room
to put them. We have packed up 35 garbage bags
of old papers, planters, clothes that are stained,
broken dishes, old plastic dish pans, numerous
hospital dishpans, old wrappers, newspapers, still
more phone books, tons of old shoes, boots, old
stained coats, cat stuff, years worth of empty
laundry containers, old stained linens, broken
nicnacs, old broken lamps,  boxes and boxes of
canned goods probably from down south years
ago, and just so much more stuff it is too numerous
to mention.  Every corner of his house was stuffed
with things.  Even his Sump Pump was stuff with
old bottles, paint cans, chemicals, etc.
After cleaning the livingroom.  We are leaving his
albums there until the tag sale guy sees them
This might be an old crystal set from around the 1920's maybe.  Anyway it is some kine of old radio and speaker.  
It is loaded with what looks to be light bulbs. I found a speaker that looks like that on ebay back a while ago, and
it sold for $80.00 but it did not have the radio set with it.  The name on it is Atwater Kent
Also, I found this
black Santa and
Mrs. Clause light up
set.  It is in good
condition which
today has been
unusual.  So much
of what we have
found has been
broken, chipped, or
damaged in one way
or another.  These
even have the boxes
with it, although
they are kind of
We cleaned out the closet downstairs where the fridge is
and are using this for hazardous stuff until we can find out
what we need to do to disposed of it.
Hallway closet by fridge. We found all the boys trophies stuffed way
in the back underneath all this stuff.  
We also found a leaf to the kitchen table.
Good God!! Look at all this stuff