Jaine Gentile's Apartment
Picture's Taken April 1st 2011
Jaine had paid security and first's months rent to move into 20 Clark Avenue Amsterdam.   The
apartment was not in move in condition.  Please see pictures.  She spoke with the Manager Kim
Evans, and asked her to fix these items.
carpet strip to stop fraying.  
Clean Garbage and mouse dropping under sink
Clean thick cooked on grease inside
and outside of stove
Seal up holes under sink and box in insulation
Upper porch was not
bolted to house, and
the front part of the
railing had become
unscrewed and was
wobbly.  Very
Back door windows were busted out
and door kicked in at the bottom
Areas of paneling are scuffed, separating
from walls, and in very worn condition
Broken slot
New bedroom floor had area in left
hand corner cut in a strange manner
Bedroom window was broken
Very dirty floors
Worn and bad looking paneling