Bullreguard :  This picture was just taken this past week.  He was
sitting in the yard, had fallen asleep, and had just woken up when
we brought the pitbull out.  He likes to sit in the sun these days and
guard the house.   Despite having arthritis, he is still very strong,
and gets to where he wants to go.  My vet is amazed at his good
blood work, disposition and how great his coat still is.  Doc
attributes that to his diet.   All of Bull's sister's and brother's passed
on at 8 or 9.  We really have been blessed.
This was taken in September after a cold, rainy date.
On chilly days after  our walk we will put a heating pad on
his back legs.  He sits really nice for these treatments.  It
seems to make his legs feel much better.
This is Bullreguard, Today, October 5,
2011 He has detected a breach of the
outer perimeter.  Most  likely the
This is my daughter with Powder, and Bully.  2 weeks ago.
Scottie, Powder and Bully
This is Takita
Picture taken beginning of September
This is Sam.  This was taken at the Humane Society when we were
just going every day to walk him.
Sam and myself up at Camp after a run
Powder and Bully Sleeping with me.