They have become inseparable
I caught Zeriah throwing  a piece of her bacon down for
Bully to eat.  How did she know to do that?  
She said "Uncle Boowy hung-gy"
They sat like this watching cartoons for
quite a long time.  As long as she
stayed there, Bully would not move.
It does not get better than this
Bully and Zeriah
Bully never ceases to amaze me.  For as large a  
dog as he is, his heart is even larger.  This is our
Granddaughter Zeriah who is just 2 years old.  Bully
has taken an instant love to her and she to him.  
When she comes into the room his tail starts
wagging  and his body wiggles with great delight.  
She is so happy to see him and squeals with
happiness.  As she moves towards him, he
becomes very still and quiet, and extremely gentle.  
When we have her with us, he lets us know he
wants to be near her.
Please scroll down to see these two enjoying each
other  1/2010
Notice Zeriah's Baby Doll.