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Tundra Spirits Sibes can visit schools, libraries, churches, and other  community events to provide
hands-on experience with the breed.  Our gentle, friendly Team can offer even the youngest
children a positive canine experience.  We can make a presentation outlining the origin and history
of the Siberian Husky dog complete with photos and displays. Our  popular
Snow Dogs
demonstration offers something for young and old alike, and describes the tools and experience
of dog-sledding throughout the history of the United States and Canada. The presentation features
stories of famous Sibes, and actual props from famous movies like Eight Below, Snow Dogs and
Iron Will. Children are given the opportunity to actually harness and booty our sled team dogs.

Our school presentations are enthusiastically received in the winter months around the time of
the famous Iditarod Dog Sled Race in Alaska.   On a number of occasions our Tundra Team has
substituted for Santa's reindeer and
delivered him to day cares, firehouses and special events. The
Jolly Old Elf rides a custom cart when snow is scarce and a red sled when there is plenty of snow.  
We  are  certain  that  the  memory  of  the  harness  bells  on  the  Huskies  accompanying
Santa's famous greeting will be with many of those children for years to come!

Our Vet for a Day Program is especially designed to encourage young people to study the sciences
and affords them the opportunity to actually assist a Veterinarian in performing an examination on
a Tundra Sibe. The especially designed classroom displays give a glimpse into the procedures
undertaken by a Vet during a routine canine examination and the internal organs of small
companion animals. Youngsters are allowed to listen to heart and lung functions with a steth-
oscope under the supervision of  Dr. Forlano and a Tundra staffer.  Dr. Forlano offers insight
into the daily routine of a licensed Veterinarian and shares some of the stories of his favorite
patients. Tundra staffers offer examples of how young people can learn to be animal caregivers
immediately by volunteering at local shelters and Rescues. This popular program always fills
immediately after being announced.

Tundra also offers a  Dog  Safety Program under the sponsorship of a local insurance agent. The
presentation demonstrates the proper and safe way to interact with canines, both strange and
familiar. Youngsters are shown how to spot the signs of canine behavior that indicate a dog may
be under stress. They are also taught what to do to protect themselves when  approached by a
possibly unfriendly dog, and how to safely leave the area. Tundra's trained Sibes offer fearful
youngsters the opportunity to interact with a calm, quiet dog and perhaps ease their fearfulness.

Our scooter and cart demonstrations show youngsters that there are ways to enjoy the company of
their favorite canine that they may not have thought of before. Throughout all of our demonstrations
we give examples of training techniques and canine behavior that offer a positive way for young
people to interact with their own pets. In keeping with the Tundra Spirits motto: "Pulling for a
Brighter Day"; we provide these programs at libraries, schools and community halls year round.  

Our Urban Mushing demonstration allows both adults and children to learn about the basics of
carting, scootering, biking, and ski-joring with your favorite canine friend. No need to have a Sibe
or Malamute as a canine companion!!  And if you care to make your interest a reality, we can
direct you to the proper sources for equipment,  further research and then share some live "trail"
experience with you. Some of our attendees and rescue Sibes have gone on to participate in
competitive racing. Our custom  informational displays can be set up at community events and
always prove to be a real crowd pleaser!!  Our friendly Sibes are on-hand as well to bring smiles
and happy memories.  We are proud to have our "Natives and Dogs" display featured at a regional
Native American Pow wow every summer.    
Our trained and experienced members can provide assistance in training, nutrition and behavior
modification for your rescue northern breed.  Our breed specific hands-on experience with difficult
rescues has allowed us to refine our skills for decades.

After caring for and nursing hundreds of rescue Sibes over the years, we have become very adept
at bringing an injured or ailing Sibe back to health.  We are pleased to share this hard earned
experience with serious Siberian caregivers without charge.  We provide a holistic approach in our
Tundra Rescue Program, and can share our knowledge with anyone dedicated to providing the best
care for their canine companion.  We do not charge a fee for our time, but donations are gladly
accepted for the care of our rescues.
Our Hospice Program is undertaken by the most experienced members of our group. We take in
abandoned, terminally ill Sibes and under the direct guidance of Veterinarians and Specialists,
provide palliative care for these special needs dogs.  Although this program takes the greatest
physical and emotional effort, we have found that we can share our knowledge with those canine
caregivers who are facing the palliative experience for the first time. Our grief guidance group meets
regularly and those who have lost an animal companion of any breed or species; along with those
who find themselves caring for a terminally ill pet,  are welcome to contact us anytime.
The Tundra Spirits 4-hour Pet First Aid Program has been enthusiastically received since it's
inception. Our members who have a background in first response, and emergency care have
developed a class for the real world of pet emergencies. Our affiliation with Veterinarian Trauma
Care Institutions of learning  keep us current on the latest techniques in  small animal emergency
care. Memberships in breed-specific Veterinarian Research Associations keep us advised of the
most recent developments in treatment of illnesses endemic to the breed.  

Our rescue and treatment of dozens of seriously ill and injured Sibes has given us priceless
hands-on experience that cannot be conveyed by instructors reading from a manual.  This program is
the only one conducted by Tundra Spirits that has a course fee. All proceeds from the program
directly fund the care of injured and terminally ill rescues.
Community Programs
Educational Programs
Hospice Program
Pet First Aid Program
Listed Below are some of the wonderful programs and services that Tundra Spirits offers to the
community.  Please
contact us if you have any questions or need further information.