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Digital Angel Corp.
Has received a patent for it’s Bio-
Thermo implantable RFI
microchip. That device would
allow the body temperature of
the host animal to be monitored

a biotechnology company based
in San Diego has launched the
world’s first diagnostic test for
cats and dogs that detects both
the avian H5N1 and canine
H3N8 strains of influenza A.
Viogenix Duo, which uses
technology similar to that used
to detect influenza and SARS in
humans, detects dog flu within
12 hours of infection

Canine Influenza
The canine influenza was first
identified in racing greyhounds
in January 2004. It is an
emerging disease with symptoms
that mimic kennel cough. Those
symptoms are coughing that
persistsfor 10 to 21 days, a
runny nose and a low-grade
fever. About 10% of the cases
may experience potentially fatal
complications such as
pneumonia. The virus spreads
by sneezes, coughs
contaminated inanimate objects
and people moving back and
forth between infected and
uninfected dogs. The most
recent fatality rate is between 5
and 8 percent.
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