Emergency Numbers

Print this page and fill out your local numbers to keep it as a resource in the case of an emergency.

Local Emergency Numbers

My Veterinarian -----------------------------------------------

My Local Veterinary Emergency Clinic -----------------

Poison Centers

When you call, they will want to know the age, breed, sex, and weight of your pet as well as what he ate, how
much, and when he ate it. If possible, it is important to have the package label from the poison available during
the call.

ASPCA National Animal Poison Center - there is a $ 55.00 charge per case that allows as many follow -ups
as necessary.

1-888-4 ANI-HELP (1-888-426-4425)
Credit card: VISA, MC, Discover, or American Express
1-888-299-2973 – for Follow-up calls

The Animal Poison Hotline – there is a $ 35.00 charge per incident, includes follow-ups till the case is

Sponsored by North Shore Animal League America and PROSAR International Animal Poison Center (IAPC).

Lost Pet Recovery Services

Call you local shelters, emergency clinics, humane societies, and any service that provides identification for your

AVID. 1-800-336-2843.

AKC Home Again. 800-252-7894; Fax: 919-233-1290
To report a lost pet, please call the AKC-Companion Animal Recovery team's Recovery Hotline Press '1' for a
recovery coordinator. Please have the pet's microchip or tattoo identification number ready.

Identapet. 856.786.8897

National Dog Registry. 800-NDR-DOGS

Tattoo-a-Pet. 800-TAT-TOOS (1-800-828-8667)
Capital District
Animal Emergency Clinic
Monday-Friday 5 P.M. - 8 A.M.
24 Hour care Weekends and Holidays
Full Equipped and Staffed Level 1 Trauma Center
Emergency Treatment and Critical Care For Companion animals
(518) 785-1094
222 Troy Schenectady Road (Route 2)
Latham,  New York 12110
(1.3 miles East of the Latham Circle)
ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center
(888) 426-4435
. The call is free, but the consult fee is $55. Be ready to report what your pet ate -- or
what you think he ate -- and when. Provide your pet's vitals (age, weight, sex, chronic
medical conditions) and symptoms, and have a pen and paper ready so you can write
down any instructions you are given.