Stage 1
The Gargoyle Era
When we first got him
We nicknamed him Gargoyle
He would put his ears down, body
would be crouched, tail between his
legs and a gargoyle look on his face
with his teeth showing
Stage 3
The Gregory Hines Period
Nic Named Gregory Hines
He then became used to being able to
go outside when he wanted to and
whent he call came, "peepot" or "walk"
his body would convulse into an
explosion and it would express itself in
a tap dance.
Stage 2 Then their was the "Crocodile"
We started to call him "Dundee" He
would flatten himself out like a rug and
then open his mouth wide open, even
farthur than this fellow above.  He
looked exactly like a crocodile. This he
would do while yawning.  In the
beginning he would yawn constantly
and lick his lips I think out of