Oaksford Ancestry
Fred Albert Oaksford
My Father's Father
My Grandfather
Born 1892
Edna Abigail Cornish Oaksford
With her Brother Herbert
Edna Abigail Cornish Oaksford
With her  Aunt Lodusky Cornish
Myra Louise Cornish younger sister
Albert Oaksford
March 11, 1917
With Grand daughter Ruth
Daughter of Fred Albert Oaksford
and Edith Mae Armstrong. Edith died of the bird flu
of 1917.  Ruth died of  Diptheria in 1921
Mary L. Killingbeck
Albert's Wife
Fred Albert Oaksford
Edith Mae Armstrong Oaksford, Fred's First Wife
Edith died in the 1917 Bird Flu epidemic.
Fred Albert Oaksford with Daughter Ruth Elizabeth
His and Edith's daughter.  Ruth died in 1921 of Diptheria
at the age of 5.
My Grandmother, Fred Albert Oaksford's 2nd Wife