Message Board
The Melwen Group

I have added a family Bulletin Board and chat line for the Family and Friends of those
covered under "The Melwen Group"   This is powered by MSN, (Microsoft Network) This is
a restricted sight, so only members that I have  approved can join at least for now.    This is
not open to the General Public.  You can post anything you wish.  Some ideas to post
would be visitors that are coming, any new news, babies, marriages, parties, good
debatable subjects, etc. and people can answer you back on your own post.

I have sent  most of you invitations to join.(At least the email addresses I have now.  If you
are missed, and want to be a part of this, please email me.  All family and friends will be
invited)    You will get an email telling you what to do at that point.

Before visiting the Group site, visit  On the upper right hand side of the
page, there is a place that says sign in.  Click there and sign your computer in using the
same passport name you will use for this.  Done.   
Once I accept you, come here, and click on Bugs Bunny and sign in using your passport  
email and password you created, press enter..  It will take you to the group Page.  On the
left hand column, you will see a heading called "My groups"  click on that, and you should
see the Melwen Group. Click on that and you should be at the welcome page.   Once you
have done all of this, it is only a matter of signing in.
To see new postings and add a new discussion, click on "Messages"
As with anything new, it will take a little time getting used to for those of you who are not
avid  Chat folks and Message Board Goers.  Give it a try !  Hope to see you there.
Once you
have joined
The Melwen
Group, click on
me.  This will
bring you to the
MSN Group
Page.  On the
upper left, under
"My groups"
Hopefully you will
see "The Melwen
Group" Click
here  to  go post
a  message or
answer one that
has been
posted, Or Chat.
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