Lolly has been creating works of art since the early
60's when she decided it was time she found a
hobby.  She was raising 5 children at the time and
found a ceramic studio giving classes right in her  
neighborhood. She signed up eagerly and by time
the 70's rolled around, Lolly had mastered the art of
ceramics, acquired 2 kilns,  and opened a ceramic
studio in her own home. She taught 4 large classes  
Monday-Thursday every week.   This she did for  
over 15 enjoyable years

During this time, she added to her knowledge by
taking many different art classes in a variety of
subjects.  She became a porcelain artist and among
other things, made reproduction dolls.      She has
won many a blue ribbons for her works.  She has a
great love for the antique dolls which she has
collected for many years.  Lolly also offers a service
of repair for antique dolls.

Lolly says, "that through all these years she has
come to find that doll people are very nice people"

Lolly now lives in  charming cottage, nestled in the
woods of upstate New York with her husband,