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Lead Dog
Kody last day here on earth was April 27th, 2009. I was told the day before that it
would be Kody's last day.  His body was giving out and he could barely walk.  He
needed to use the body sling in order to walk.  I went to see him, Sunday, April 26th.

I decided to have a Kody picnic.  We were told he would not make it to the spring.  
Being he had, I wanted him to have one long day outside in the sun and the fresh air.
It was a warm afternoon.  I took a blanket and spread it out under the shade of a pine
tree.  I brought with me his favorite meal of sweet potatoes and Chicken and plenty of
water.  We spent the afternoon, there on that blanket, him and I.   I combed him and
petted him all afternoon.

Daisy was there with us too.  Twice she took her paw and tried to rouse him.  She
wanted him to get up.  Usually we go for a walk together.  Kody could not get up
though.   He did bark at me.  It took a few barks to get his strength to bark,  but bark
he did.

He ate his food with great relish, although not at great as usual, and was drinking well.  
Later I took him for a walk 3 times in the immediate area outside of his house.  He did
not want to go back to his bed.

The third walk, I could see that he was tired, and I did take him back to his bed.  I stay
with him a long while a lay next to him on his bed stroking him.  All day he kept giving
me kisses and looking at me hard in the eye.  

When I got up to leave I let him know what a privilege it had been to know him and walk
with him.  I fed him a biscuit the way I always do before I leave and told him I would be
back.   For the first time ever, he did not bark when I left.  He just looked at me long
and hard in the eyes.  I wish there was a way to make him whole and well again.  I love
Kody.  He was an Alpha dog.  He must have been a strong, fair and just leader in his
day.  You could tell how he was with each dog he ever met while I was present.  Even
sick, he held his head high and chest out.   I miss him greatly!!!