With Halloween just around the corner, many dog owners are gearing up to dress
themselves, their children, their homes and their dogs in Halloween attire.  Holidays are
always fun - especially Halloween - and we like including our pets in the fun festivities
because they truly are part of our family.

But do our dogs really enjoy wearing those funny Halloween costumes?  Well, this can all
depend on so many things, including their temperament and the type of costume you choose.

If you're planning on outfitting your dog in a costume this Halloween, keep these tips in mind
to make the holiday happy and healthy:

1. Don't force your dog to wear a costume if he doesn't want to.  Halloween is supposed to be
fun for everyone and you don't want your dog to be miserable.  There are other ways he can
enjoy the festivities (which I'll get to in just a second).

2. Think about your dog's energy level.  If he's a bit hyperactive, chances are he'll shake off a
costume that has several parts.  He may be better off with a simpler costume with fewer

3. Make sure the costume is the right size - if it's too big he can trip over it and injure himself.

4. Make sure the costume doesn't have any pieces your dog can bite off and potentially
choke on.

5. Make sure the costume easily allows your dog to use the bathroom - it shouldn't fully cover
his bottom half.

6. Make sure the costume is high quality.  Cheap costumes are more likely to fall off or rip
which can cause injury.

7. Let your dog try on the costume ahead of time so he can get used to it.

8. Keep your dog away from fire, candles and cigarettes.

9. Keep your dog away from candy on the floor and tables - if he eats it, it could make him sick.

10. Keep candy wrappers away from your dog - dogs often like to eat it because of the candy
smell, but they can choke.

Choosing the right costume for your dog may be a challenge, but the good news is that
there's another great way your dog can safely enjoy the holiday fun.  Give him something he's
SURE to love - his own TOYS & TREATS.  

This Halloween, I've put together a special collection called Dr Jon's Trick or Treat Collection!
It's got a freakishly fun toy - the Green Troll from the GoDog™ Freakie Flatties Halloween
Collection. And don't forget the wickedly good treat - Wagatha's Breakfast Biscuits. Dogs just
love these tasty gourmet biscuits, made with maple, oatmeal, bananas and apples.

So this Halloween, whether you decide to dress your dog in a costume or not, treat him to my
Trick or Treat Collection. I know he's going to LOVE it!

Check it out: http://www.petproductadvisor.com/halloween-kit-dog

Happy Halloween!

Dr. Jon