9/4/09 - Ella has been adopted
Ella just left with her forever family.  They are a really nice couple and Ella will
have a wonderful life. It was hard to let her go .  Ella spent almost 5 month's with
me and had become a lot less fearful of things. Now she has taken the next
step.  Ella was very friendly to Tim and Joanne in the house.  She wasn't too
sure however when they started walking her towards the door and I wasn't
coming with her - she just kept looking back at me.  Ella wasn't sure she liked
what was happening but I know she will be fine once she meets her new boxer
bother and gets used to her new home and family.  Ella I will miss you!!

8/31/09 - Ella is pending adoption.

8/17/09 - Ella here - foster mom is out in the garden again. I don't know why
because she complains that all she is growing this year are weeds - whatever
those are.  I hope they're good to eat.  Mom says I've been a really good girl this
last month and she'd really really like to adopt me except then she couldn't help
foster any other boxers.  I'd like to stay here but I want mom to help those other
dogs like she has helped me.  She thinks I was a puppy mill dog, used for
breeding - I've had at least one litter of puppies - and I never knew a normal
happy home life.  I never learned how to react to people and strange noises.
Now I'm not so afraid of the noises and new people.  I like people best if they let
me approach them.  Little people, however, I'm not too sure about - they scare
me sometimes because they move too fast.  Mom's 2 1/2 year old granddaughter
surprised me a couple days ago, when she came up behind me and touched my  
back and I snapped at her.  It was just a warning snap but mom thinks it would be
better if I were not in a home with young kids - especially without close
supervision.   I'm doing really good when left out of the crate - I don't like the
crate.  So far, mom has left me alone  - with foster sister Star - for about 4 hours
and I've only gotten into a few things but that is because mom forgets to gate off
certain rooms.  I really like cat crunchies - those tasty things the kitties leave in
their litter boxes.  I'm almost housetrained and only go in the house when mom
forgets to take me outside. I'm almost not afraid of getting into the car - mom
says we still need to work on that.  And the big news is that I'm not afraid to go in
the water anymore and I'm starting to play more with foster sister Star - see the
new pictures mom sent. So if you are looking for a gentle, sweet, low energy
puppy  - I'm very very sweet, gentle and low energy - consider making me part of
your family.

7/17/09 - Ella - the crate eating boxer.  This week I went out a couple days for
about 2 hours and Ella decided she didn't want to be in her crate - so she
gradually took it apart.  First, just bending the wires and then removing them.
(See picture).  Now  - I'm not 100% sure it was all Ella's doing - Star may have
helped from the outside - but for now I'm going to try leaving Ella uncrated while
I'm out.  Breaking wires can't be good for her teeth!  Ella's chewing and not being
completely housetrained are the only reasons I was crating her and she has
gotten much better about both. If she needs crating - I still don't trust her being
alone a long time (6 to 8 hours) - her forever family may have to use a plastic
Vari-Kennel.  I will see how she does.    Ella had another trip to our cottage last
weekend where we hosted a family reunion on Saturday.  Ella handled meeting
the many new people quite well - only a little hesitation when first meeting them.  
Sunday she got another trip to the beach and I've included a few new pictures.  
She found a plastic tube on the beach and just had to play with it.   Ella is still
waiting for her forever family.  She has been a great addition to my family - she is
soooo sweet and gentle compared to my "bull" of a boxer Star.  I will be very sad
to lose her but she deserves a family of her own.

7/7/09 - Ella does stairs!!!!!  When Ella first arrived here she was afraid of going
up or down stairs.  She had to be gently pushed or pulled up or down.  
Gradually, she was able to do the stairs into and out of the house on her own but
I hadn't attempted to take her upstairs to the bedroom.  Last week I decided to
try and Ella followed Star up and down - No problem.  So now she gets to sleep
in the bedroom upstairs at night.  Ella would still rather follow Star on these stairs
than do them on her own but it's progress.   She is also getting less afraid of
getting into the car.  She still freezes a few feet from the car but if I gently push
her up to the car she will sometimes attempt to get in on her own.  And, once in
the car she is fine. Fourth of July weekend, was spent at our cottage on Lake
Ontario.  It was a busy weekend and Ella got to meet lots of new people and
dogs.  Next door there were 2 visiting dogs and Ella became instant friends with
them.  I've included pictures - Princess is the brindle boxer and Blazer is the
Husky.  I don't think Ella has met a dog that she doesn't like.  She seems to
relate to dogs better than people and does not hesitate approaching a new dog.  
At the beach, Ella wanted to play with every dog there - and there were lots of
people and dogs at the beach this weekend.  She even went into the water
without panicking.  Ella is a lot more cautious about approaching new people  -
she needs to do it on her terms.  She also warms up to women faster than men.  
Ella is curious about children but very skittish around them.  She is still easily
spooked by loud noises and quick movements.  She is afraid of thunder but the
4th of July fireworks did not bother her.Ella has come a long way in the 2 months
she has been here but she still has a ways to go to be a typical boxer.  I could
describe her as  - part 6 month old puppy and part scared little old lady.  She is
very sweet and gentle and playful but still frightened by many things.  
Housetraining is coming but she will still go in the house unless I'm on her
schedule - and this week I haven't been on her schedule so she'd had a few
accidents.  She needs a forever family with a fairly calm, quiet home and who will
be patient with her.  Bonding to people and trusting them is going to take time -
she is just beginning to bond with me.  Ella really needs another calm dog
around because she will follow that dog's actions.  She probably would be fine in
a home with older children but she is afraid of the noise and quick movements of
young children.  At a home with a fenced yard, she would be able to have more
freedom to run and play, off leash.  Here, she has gotten lost a couple times
when off leash.  However, lately she has gotten better about staying around.Ella
is looking for a forever family who is willing to work with her on her issues.   If you
are that family, Ella will reward you with lots of boxer wiggles and kisses.  What
more could you want - just fill out the application - and request -  Ella.

6/9/09 - Hi I'm Ella - foster mom is busy in the garden - so I decided to write my
own update.  I'm feeling much braver now - even brave enough to try writing.  
Foster mom says I've been a really great girl this week - only one peeing
accident in the house - Yeah!!!!  I've kind of gotten on a schedule so I only need
to go outside 3 or 4 times a day.  I like being outside.  Sometimes my mom
leashes me to my foster sister Star and lets us wander around the yard.  She
says that this slows Star down and keeps me from wandering off and getting
lost.  I like playing with Star except when she gets too excited and plays rough.  
Foster cousin Candy is more fun to play with - she is more my size and plays
nicer.  I'm getting used to all the sounds outside that used to scare me - I don't
hardly notice the cars as they travel the road.  And mom says I'm getting better
at coming when called.  She says I'm even getting better at sitting.  She holds a
piece of cheese over my nose -"yum"- and now only has to put her hand on my
back end and I will sit.  However she says I still give her the "look" - "I'm only
doing this because you are making me."  Guess I'm still a little afraid.I had a new
experience this weekend.  Foster dad put me into the car - I don't like getting into
the car - and we drove to that other house.  Then they put me into something
called a boat.  That wasn't too bad because it was a lot more open than the car.
There sure was a lot of wind.  When the boat stopped, everyone got out at the
beach.  They put Star out into the water and she didn't know what to do - she
just stood there.  Finally someone went and helped her out of the water.  I'm sure
glad they let me off on land.  There were lots on new smells and places to
explore but mom was not to happy when I kept wandering off.  I also wasn't too
sure of the water and the noise it was making.  After a long run up and down the
beach, it was nice to just lie down and sleep in the nice warm sand.  I was happy
to let Candy and Star play in the water. Mom says I'm ready for my forever home
- whatever that is.  I'm very happy right here.  But I think I could get used to a
new home now.  Especially if my new family is as patient with me as my foster
family  - I'm still a puppy and still learning.  I really never had a chance to be a
puppy, before now!  A family with another calm dog would be wonderful since I
have learned a lot from Star.  She make me feel braver.  I'm still a little unsure
around kids but if they are nice and gentle with me I will give them lots of wiggles
and kisses. Mom says I also need a home with a fenced yard since I'm still not
fully trained on "come" and other commands.  With a fenced yard I would be able
to run and still be safe. So "I'm ready - well mom says I'm ready."  Where are you
forever home????

5/28/09 - Check out the video slide show of Ella on
You-tube.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIIL8-kRfpo has made a lot of
progress in the last two weeks.  She is now almost housetrained - as long as I
get her outside at the right times.  She will not soil her crate and has gone to the
bathroom in the house only about 5 times during these two weeks. At night she
sleeps out of her crate and does not have any accidents and does not get into
anything.  She is slowly learning what she can chew and play with and is good
about 98% of the time.  Ella is starting to learn "sit" - at least she doesn't run
away when I gently push her bottom to the floor - but she is not yet ready to do it
to please me or for a treat.  Learning to trust people is coming slowly but she will
get there.Memorial Day weekend, Ella went with us to our cottage on Lake
Ontario. She quickly adjusted to being in a different house and meeting new
people.  The only problem was getting into the car.  Ella is very afraid of getting
in and had to be lifted in.  However, once she was in the car she laid down and
slept most of the 2 hour trip.  So she is a great traveler -  once she is in the
car.Ella is a very sweet boxer puppy.  She is a little shy at first but warms up
quickly - as long as she is allowed to do it on her terms.  She is fairly low energy
but is beginning to play more now.  Ella is still waiting for her forever family.

5/11/09 - Ella is making slow steady progress.  She has gotten used to most of
the sounds around the house and outside - vacuum cleaner, washing machine,
chain saw, tractor, birds, etc. She still shies away a little at first but does not
panic.  After a few minutes she will approach us and visiting people with typical
boxer wiggles and a kidney bean dance.  However she is somewhat more
cautious around men and it takes her longer to warm up to them. Ella is
becoming more playful.  She plays with some of her toys and will play with my
boxer, Star, for a short time.  However Star is a lot bigger than Ella and can
quickly become too much.  Most of the time the two girls are great together and
Ella has learned to follow Star's lead.  Ella is a very sweet girl who loves attention
but she does have a few small problems I am working on.  It is hard to teach her
commands and get her housetrained because she still does not completely trust
people.  So far, she doesn't  want to do things to please her people and has she
does not yet associate her actions with getting treats. I think she may almost be
ready to train but I am taking it slowly - with a lot of patience.  Ella usually only
has one accident - and sometimes no accidents -  in the house each day, but
that's because I'm trained.  As long as I get her outside at the right times, Ella will
go to the bathroom there but she has not yet made the connection on her own.  
Ella is still very much a puppy.  I think her age may be closer to 1 years old
rather than two.  She loves to chew anything and everything.  This week it was
the corner of my stairs.  I have to pay attention to what she is doing.  Most of the
time she will chew a rawhide bone or her hard plastic ball but if I'm not checking,
it could be a shoe or a glove or some underwear or the toy box.  For some
reason Ella loves to chew plastic.  She is crated when I 'm not around to watch
her.  However, she has become a "crate escape artist" if the crate is not securely
fastened.  So now every time I leave her in the crate, I have to secure the door
with nylon computer cable ties and then cut them to open it.  Ella is ready and
waiting for her forever family. She's not perfect yet but she is a puppy and still
learning.  She will give you many years of boxer wiggles and kisses and will be a
loyal and loving friend.  Don't miss out on this wonderful girl.  What are you
waiting for????  

4/21/09 - Ella went for her wellness vet visit on Friday and did very well.  
Everyone there loved her and she let them pet her without running away.  The
only problem I had was getting her through the door at the vets and getting her
into the car.  Ella freezes when she approaches the car so I have to carry her
into it.  She also refuses to enter new buildings without a gentle tug or push.  
Once inside she is fine.  Ella weighed in at 51 lbs. and has no health problems
except some crusting on the edges of her ears.  Her fecal exam was negative
and the vet said she was not more than 2 years old - maybe younger.  She is still
a puppy and really likes to chew anything that looks interesting. I'm guessing that
most of the dog toys are not very interesting.  So far the only casualties have
been a couple cat toys, a bottle of cleaner for my Spotlifter and the power cord
for my treadmill.  She will also try and chew my shoes and slippers if she get the
chance.  Therefore I do not trust her out of the crate when I am out of the
house.  After the vet visit I took Ella to the pet store and again she did very well -
showed very little fear or hesitation around all the people who approached her.  
We picked out a new collar and new toys -  which Star is playing with more than
Ella.  House training and command training are going slowly.  Ella still has
accidents in the house almost daily - although on some days she does better
than others.  We are still working on the trust issue.  Any time I try to make her
do something - such as gently push her bottom to encourage her to sit - or
speak sternly to her she will shut down or run away.  A lot of patience and treats
are required.Ella is getting braver about loud and strange sounds.  She tolerates
the vacuum cleaner and the garden tractor now.  Outside, she does not stay
around as well off leash because she wants to go exploring. She would probably
do best in a home with a fenced yard.  I have to keep her close to me when she
is off leash. On leash, she walks very well.  I have taken Star and her for several
walks down my road.  Ella is a little unsure when a car passes but she will stay
next to me. Ella has come a long way in the last three weeks.  She started here
with very limited positive experience with people and has become a happy, wiggly
boxer girl.  She still needs a lot of training and socialization but that will come with
time and patience.  The perfect forever home for Ella would be a calm, low
energy household with possibly another calm dog who Ella could learn from. She
would also do well with children who would treat he gently.  A home with a fenced
yard would be ideal.  Ella is almost ready for her forever home.  She is going to
require a lot of time, training and patience but she is a sweet, loving girl who is
definitely worth it.  Are you her Forever family?

4/13/09 - Ella has made some moderate progress over the last week.  She now  
willingly goes into her crate when I say "crate time" and throw in a piece of
cheese.  No more having to push her in.  Cheese has become her favorite treat.  
She will take dog biscuit treats from my hand but often waits for Star to take one
first.  Ella is starting to become less fearfull of going down stairs - sometimes she
goes down without hesitating but other times needs a push to take the first step.  
We are trying to work on the commands "come" and "sit".  Ella stays around well
when off leash until she hears a loud or strange sound - then she will panic and
run.  Sometimes all it takes is a woodpecker hammering on a tree or a loud bird
call.  Since we live a very rural area and do not have a fenced yard, Ella needs
to be supervised at all times when off leash. Ella goes for her wellness vet visit
on Friday so I will she how she behaves in the car and at a new place. Ella is a
very sweet boxer girl and still in the puppy stage of her life.  It's a huge world and
she is just starting to experience it.

4/7/09 - Ella is slowing starting to settle in and her personality is emerging.  This
morning when I let her out of the crate she wiggled her little nubby.  She has also
found the toy box and pulled out some toys.  However her favorites are my
slippers and my husband's work gloves - she steals those every chance she
gets.  Today she took a dog biscuit treat out of my hand so I'm starting to get
something I can train her with. She is still extremely timid and easily frightened -
she still backs away from me when I approach her. So far, I am getting just
glimmers of typical boxer behavior but I think she's on her way to becoming a
mischievous, loving puppy.  

4/4/09 - My newest foster, ELLA, (previously known as Kentucky girl # 3) arrived
here yesterday after a long car ride.  My thanks to Barbara for picking Ella up
from the trainers and keeping her overnight until I could pick her up.  Ella is a
very sweet fawn girl with a white chest and feet.  She is very timid and new things
and sounds easily frighten her.  It took a several minutes to coax her into my
house.  She does not understand stairs or getting into a car.  She has learned to
follow my boxer, Star, up the stairs but down the stairs is still difficult.  My
husband started our garden tractor yesterday and Ella panicked right out of her
collar.  Fortunately she did not run away.  She is going to need time to learn to
trust us so training her will be slow.  She is not housetrained - not a problem for
my Bissel Spotlifter - but she is crate trained.  Ella settles right down in the crate
and has not gone to the bathroom in it but she does not like to go into it.  I have
to gently push her in since I haven't yet found a treat that will entice her in. The
one thing she does like are rawhide chews - she found those almost as soon as
she arrived here. Introductions to Star and my cats  went quickly and well.  Ella
doesn't play with Star yet and has chased the cats when they run but mostly
ignores them.  No boxer wiggles and kisses from Ella but I'm sure they will come
with time.  Keep watch for updates as Ella learns to trust and become a happy
loving boxer girl.
Ella's History
Before joining our family
ELLA 4/3/09

Pertinent Informtion - Adopted 9/4/09

Age & Sex: 1 yr. old Female  

UTD: Yes  

Weight:  51 lbs.  
Other Dogs: Yes   
Color:  Fawn  
Cats: Yes  
Ears: Natural  
Children: Under 5: ?    Over 5: Yes  
Tail: Docked  
Professional Training Required: No  
Spayed: Yes  
Microhipped: No  
Shelter Surrender  
Location: Conklin, NY  
This is the information collected from
Ella's wonderful Foster Family.
She was rescued by  
"Boxer Angels"