Dr. Jennifer Rogers
of the Capital District
Animal Emergency Clinic
We wish to make it known to all of our friends and family who keep asking,  and
to those who are interested in ensuring that they have the best care for their
animals in the event of an emergency,  just what a truly amazing place the
Capital District Animal Emergency Clinic is.  It was our first true experience with
a dire life and death emergency.  The facilities are state of the art, the entire
staff was professional,  helpful, caring and thorough.   Communication was
always honest, and the skill of the doctors amazing.  We consider it to be the
Albany Med of the pet world and cannot say enough kind words.

It was Dr. Jennifer Rogers who performed the major surgery which proved to
be life saving for "Our Bully".  She left no stone unturned. She was thorough
and honest with us every step of the way.  We are just so grateful to her for the
exceptional care she gave to our Bully.  We know that  It is because of her,  
that at this very moment in time, as I set here writing this, that Bully is staring at
me and in his sweet and gentle manner,  demanding food.  LIFE IS GOOD!!  
Thank you Dr. Rogers.  
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March 17, 2009 The night before his first surgery
March 21, 2009  -  3 days after his first surgery
March 26, 2009  -  First Day home from Second Surgery
MAR  27  2009
March 27, 2009  -  2ND day home after 2nd surgery Getting stronger and
wanting to resume normal activities.  Eating his normal amount of food
plus another half.  Not happy with a worry wart, cautious Mom.....
Why does she keep
looking at me like
please take this
stupid thing off!
March 28th, 2009  -  Day 3 home from surgery
Bully was very frisky in the AM. I had all I could do to make him lay down and stay calm.  He
greets everyone with great gusto.  The pizza guy was thrilled.
This afternoon he is tired  looking.  He has been  resting, and very still, but still gets up easily
to go "peepot" and for food, but goes right back to lay down.  When someone rings the door
bell, he looks like his old self, chest out, head up, and a swift body ready for anything.
3/29/09 PM
We took a long nap
together this afternoon,
which seemed to
revamp him.  On his
"peepot" tonight, he did
not want to come back
in the house, and used
his weight against me.  
Not wanting to pull him,
we just resumed
walking in our yard.

The challenge was the
"slow" part.  He also,
guarded the house
tonight when our door
bell rang.  HE was
upset because the
couch is off limits being
piled with chairs. ha

I think he misses his
normal daily activities.  
March 30th 2009 - Day 4 home from surgery.  
Has made it 7 days and 16 hours so far with
no real problems.
He is beginning
to get his old
look back.  Also
we notice he is
putting on a little
March 31, 2009  Day 5 home from surgery
Can I get up now?? I have had enough rest!
April 3rd, 2009 -His old spark in his eyes is back.  He has been luring me all night
into the living room to play with his toys.  The living room has been changed into a
safe and comfortable place for him to recuperate.  Incidentally, he has become a
master of navigating the house with his E-collar on.  Even in tight places, he glides
right through, slightly turn his head this way and that so as not to get hung up.  
Powder is beside herself with joy that Bully is back to normal.  There must
be something about the way he always ignores her that she missed.