Bully and Powder
Bully and Mel playing in the Snow.  Mel was not
expecting a full frontal Bully attack!  ha-ha
Bully came to live with us and share
our life, August 16th, 2003.  He was
5 years old.
Powder is my father-in-law's
Poodle.  Having Alzheimer's he
was not able to care for her on his
own.  Powder came to live with us
July 22, 2007.

For the first few months they
tolerated each other.   Starting in
Ocotber 2007,
Bully and Powder,  for whatever
reason,  would meet at the edge of
the living room rug and sit side by
side quietly for 20 minutes or so
before going their own way for the
remainder of the morning.  They are
still doing this til this day.
In January 2008, Powder has
actually started grooming Bully.
They have become great friends .
Every night Mr. Howard would sit down to do his Bible study and
the dogs would curl up on his lap and fall asleep.
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A Lazy Morning at our house