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Happy Birthday, Linda
Our Friend Clifford
Debbie Mothers Day
Bully  11.5 years old Rottweiler / Boxer
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The Howard's
Bully Howard AKA Sir Bullreguard Howard of Church Hill  
September 13, 1998 - March 23, 2012
If Dogs don't go to heaven,
I want to go where they go     
Will Rogers -
Our Last picture together. March 2012
Takita & Sam
We miss you!
My Original Crew  - Powder and Bully
Powder Passed October 25th, 2012 around noon.  I miss my Little Girl!
My Takita...AKA Growly Biscuit, AKA Waggy Tail, AKA Tiny Hiney, Takita Poopers died January 23rd. 2018. We think he was
almost 13 years old. We miss him so!! He taught us so much.  I was honored and it was a  privileged to have won his trust!  My
Sam died July 7th, 2018 from Pericardial Effusion Hemangio Sarcoma.  We think he was 10.  Absolutely unexpected.  We are
devastated and miss him so!!  He was just the best as all mine were.  Sambo Banini Bop, Sammy Miami, Sam Bobalini, Sambo
Our Sam after his surgery 2/6/2018
Our Sweet Bully
Bully and Powder
Bully waiting for the FedEx Guy
That Bully and That Nicole
"That" Daddy and "That" Bully
Bully getting ready for his daily nap in the shaft of 10:30 am morning sunlight
Bully and Nicole, Bully's favorite girl
Bully not feeling well..
Bully and Mommy
Sam always held my hand
My Second Crew: Takita and Sam -
Takita came to live with us 12/3/2009, Sam 5/14/2011
My Takita
It took a couple years or so, but Takita
settled in to normal life and Enjoyed himself. He was always aloof
but had his own way of showing love. My little Growly biscuit!
Our new girl who has come to live with us, Miss Bella Bear.  We went to
visit her, and then decided to bring her HOME -  July 1, 2017.  She has
come so very far and looks so beautiful!
I was sitting down after a long day at work to have a quiet piece of pizza when
all of a sudden my office door opened and there they were.......LOL  They
always knew....Takita, Sam and the new girl, Bella in front
Pizza Face -  No one could look more worried about food than Our Bully. He always
made us cave....
Then, there was Sam.  He always reminded me of the I Love Lucy show, in the episode where
Lucy sees William Holden in the Brown Derby Restaurant in Hollywood, CA.
Bully LOVED "That Nicole"
My Sweet Boys, Sam and Takita, LOVED their Rides